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Are you one of the many photographers who loves to shoot pictures? Do you want to be among the few who learn how to make your photos exceptional?

As new cameras and processing software become available, the need for you to learn more becomes increasingly important. Our classes, workshops and in-the-field photo trips offer photographers at every skill level practical, hands-on concepts, tips and techniques that help you to shoot and process better photographs.

Our classes start with "Getting to Know your Digital SLR Camera" and "Composition-on-Location" classes that give you the technical and visual foundations for creating outstanding pictures. These classes concentrate on Camera Settings, the Rules of Composition, and the ability to see and use color, light and gesture in taking pictures.

Our Classroom and In-Studio "Classes and Workshops" give you the opportunity to expand on that knowledge base with practical applications that will increase your photographic skills in shooting and processing your images.

"Princeton Photo Workshop does a wonderful job: understand novice to professional photographers and (they) really care about educating their craft to others, all in a very relaxed manner. We really feel so lucky that I stumbled upon their workshops." LM